Niche Luxury Sunglasses vs. Designer Sunglasses

I Love Optic sources hundreds of exclusive designer and niche rarities frames from the world's best designers and manufacturers who specialize in the design and manufacture of eyewear. So you can choose from the most advanced designer and niche frames in our exclusive boutique, which can fit your personality perfectly.

Acquiring the perfect is always the biggest challenge, our quality and aesthetic pursuit is therefore directed towards the glasses of niche rarity designers, so that they are not only a specialty, but also a persistent companion.

Since the designer frames in the exclusive eyewear collections of the big fashion houses are sometimes successful, sometimes they are boring or do not meet the Hungarian taste, we rely on our own experience in the selection. Designer frames still come into focus from campaign photos, the advertising pages of fashion magazines, or they are brought into the public consciousness by the applications known today (Instagram, Pinterest). Today, luxury brands do not invest in development - their production has also moved to Asia - they spend enough on marketing to maintain interest.


Niche rarity glasses, on the other hand, do not advertise themselves to massive masses (like designer frames), yet they have grown into cult brands in the last 25 years. Niche rarity eyeglass brands do not carry out traditional advertising activities, but cooperate with designers or celebrated stars, who always reach a new audience. So they can fairly invest in the product. One such niche eyewear brand has become synonymous with luxury, thanks to their 18-carat gold coating and thoughtful development by Japanese masters, they have become the rulers of the eyewear market.

Peter And May

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BALMAIN limited edition Wonder Boy III sunglasses are rare and top-class in terms of design and materials

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